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Resurface repairs in All Saints Square?

Will this make the surface any better and solve the accident risk.  Shard End Communities (a Neighbourhood Forum)  have been asking  for repairs to the car park surface for a long time. But is this going to be enough?


Community Fun Comes to Shard End

Christmas in Shard End


Free to attend.

ShardFest 2017 in Norman Chamberlain Rec.

Great British Spring Clean in Shard End

Shard End Communities organises a litter pick in All Saints Square and are helped by Sgt Dan Turnbull of our local neighbourhood police team and Cllr Marje Bridle.  Also involved in cleaning up the area are Roger Ball, John & Jeanne Holland and Mo.

Many thanks also to our favourite pizza shop for treating us to a free lunch and Greggs for giving us a hot drink.  It’s nice to know the local traders appreciate the Spring Clean.

Shard End Library Celebrates 50 Years.


Christmas in All Saints’ Square

SE Xmas Poster 2015_001